Why your spiritual growth is essential for success


Written by Hokuma Karimova

On June 29, 2020

What does spiritual growth have to do with material wealth? 

It’s a fair question and a very important one at that.

Yet, few ever make the connection.

As a coach, yogi, and sustainability consultant I have the unique advantage of traversing these seemingly different territories. In doing so, I get the chance to explore the essence of each industry.

Funny enough, each of the above sectors corresponds to the three essential aspects of our life: mental, physical and emotional.

And when these areas operate in alignment and synchronicity, moving to a rhythm and pursuing a common goal, then life starts to feel meaningful, exciting and rewarding.

What does this journey look like? 

To cover this topic, and any topic at that, it’s essential to understand the lay of the ground.

This is where a clear and comprehensive framework comes into play. Today we’ll be looking at the 4 levels of spiritual growth, and their impact on our happiness.

The 4 levels of spiritual growth take you through four stages:
– level 1 –  to me
– level 2 – by me
– level 3 – through me 
– level 4 – as me


At this stage, we are operating from the mentality of a victim.
When things don’t go well we wonder why negative events happen to us.
There is little room for positive thinking, creativity and inspiration.

Any setback makes us feel a huge wave of overwhelm, depression and anxiety. We doubt our ability to manage and navigate the challenges. It’s demanding and stressful.

At this level, we are easily distracted, manipulated, and swayed off our path, because we focus on the opinions of others. We can often self-sabotage and avoid difficult situations, which actually can offer us the potential for growth.


Once we come to terms with admitting and accepting this victim mentality and agree that it has nothing valuable to offer us, we become inspired to seek change.

By getting clear on what inspires and motivates us, we can gather clarity, motivation, inspiration, and energy to set attainable goals, and create aligned actions. Through consistency, discipline and implementation, we learn new lessons and slowly find ourselves getting closer to the goal.



At this stage, all our efforts start producing compound results, which helps us taste the fruits of our previous labor.

Through the daily embodiment of the skills that we wish to develop, we start to feel assured of our ability to achieve what we set our minds to. This confidence helps ease the worry because we are no longer focused on outside events, but on our efforts.


The flow and synchronicity that we began to experience previously becomes a new norm, a new lifestyle, and a personal standard.

It becomes easy to attract new possibilities and opportunities, which keep moving you further ahead and deepen your wisdom. This energetic flow becomes easier to navigate and ride, bringing you a sense of capacity to face any challenge.

Tools such as grounding charged energies, calming turbulent emotions, and communicating tough truths, can help you master your circumstances, no matter what.

Success is YOU

If you are no longer a victim of your fate, then you become the maker of your life.
You start to realize just how powerful, influential and valuable you are.

Therefore your spiritual growth has a lot to do with you personal and professional development as well. You are here for a reason, and the world could benefit from your most authentic, aware and accomplished self. Making you a positive force for others.

The key is to become aware of our patterns and tendencies and improve them as we go. With time, it becomes easier to see the change and to taste your dreams.

The world is waiting to co-create with you!
Are you in?

Let me know in the comments below. 

All the best,

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  1. Sofia

    Very inspiring article. I have definitely seen myself in those 4 levels. The tricky part is to stay AS ME longer or constantly.


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