What’s Missing From Your Life?


Written by Hokuma Karimova

On October 28, 2020

What do you do in your free time?

For many, free time means rewarding yourself with relaxation that involves binge watching tv, scrolling through social media, or disconnecting through other means that shut the mind off.

While these avenues are common and do provide a quick fix, they can also be disempowering, especially if the invested time doesn’t return anything of true benefit.

That’s because when most of our attention is spent on engaging with the outside world, either by carrying out the responsibilities it assigns to us or by consuming what it feeds us, we end up forgetting to tend to our inner world.

Step 4 is, therefore…
Asking yourself: What’s missing?

Making space.

The best way to discover what our needs are is to make space for their expression. This can be expedited and aided by tuning into our creative energy.

Whether it’s done through daydreaming, making art, moving the body, writing out ideas, or conversing with another, the goal is to redirect the energy from the outside in, to the inside out.

Releasing the buried intentions helps balance energies, and turns us into the creators of our life.

We are energetic creatures, so learning to align our intentions, feelings, and behaviors with the outcomes we seek to experience, can help us realize these goals faster.

What needs to be in place in order for you to move towards your goals?

Questions to reflect on:
– What ignites your passion and sparks your imagination?
– What would a different future look like?
– If you could create something, what would you make?

Putting things into words.

Depending on what it is that we are aiming for, we can either find it easy or very difficult to disclose our thoughts to others. Sometimes the world is not ready, or simply, uncomfortable with what we say because it goes against the dominant beliefs around us.

It’s a normal occurrence, which is why finding a group or a tribe that is also passionate about what you care is so necessary.

Finding such sanctuaries requires us to find, engage and contribute to existing communities, or to create our own.

See what patterns emerge when you look at your
*focus areas

If we don’t take the time to ignite our imagination and ponder all the details, it will be hard to share them with others.

Stepping into the role of the creator can be difficult and scary. Learning to get comfortable with it requires faith and belief in oneself.

This is where life asks us to surrender to our dreams, and for a minute to stop questioning about how, when or why it can happen, and instead tap into how it feels to share it with others.

Rather than wondering how to explain yourself to another, imagine what kind of environment such an interaction could feel like.

This deep connection with the outcome can help our inner voice guide us to the truth, and enable us to see things in a broader, more expansive and innovative way.

IIf you would like to experience such a process be sure to sign up for the free Doorway to Knowing Yourself mini-course. Because no one can discover yourself for you. 

The answers won’t be found in the outside.
Look within.


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    Love that quote: The answers won’t be found in the outside. Look within. This is so true


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