What Will Sustain Change?


Written by Hokuma Karimova

On November 1, 2020

Once the dreaming is done, it’s time to embody the new you.

In order to become anything, its necessary to know the details of what you’re aiming for.

The previous steps then become invaluable guides to reaching the end with clarity and conviction. Supplying you with infinite passion for meeting the new version of you.

Throughout this entire journey, there is one thing that can’t be downplayed, and that is, how we learn new things. By knowing the scientific steps of mastering a new idea or concept, we gain access to a framework that expedites the change.

The is where Step 5 plays in
Ask yourself: What’ll sustain change?

Step by step.

As you know, nature takes its time. In fact, when things in nature move extremely quickly, they tend to have a nature of destruction and instability.

Things like floods, wildfires, hurricanes, droughts, and so many other extreme occurrences come as quickly as they leave, but behind them is nothing but damage.

On the level of interactions we find that the relationships we rush into can feel exciting at first, but soon notice that the bond lacks the depth to withstand oncoming storms. Without the desire to commit to something, we won’t have the strength to face difficult challenges.

That’s because, in order for things to be of true significance, they need to come from deep within. A place where our true essence gets transformed and forms our new identity.

How can you create consistency and commitment to the desired future?

Questions to reflect on:
– How do you manage your time?
– What gets most of your focus throughout the day?
– How do you design your days?

Four stages of learning.

There are four stages to change.

They are:
1. unconscious incompetence: we are unaware of the change
2. conscious incompetence: we become aware of what’s no longer serving us
3. conscious competence: we get very clear and specific on the future we want
4. unconscious competence: we embody the new self on a daily basis through habits

See what stage of this development you are on in the following areas of your life:
*time management

If you are interested in learning how to create such gradual, effortless, and sustainable change, don’t miss out on the free Doorway to Knowing Yourself mini-course.

In just a few short days you will get closer to knowing your authentic self.

Without real intention, and a consciousness effort to discover the future you desire to create, it will be hard to see through all the layers of your conditioning.

That’s because through life our mind has absorbed lots of information. Some of it may be projections from others and thus contributes to limiting beliefs.

These traumas from our childhood delay our growth. Without the right tools and a sharp mind to see past the false labels, we adopted it can take ages for us to reach our full potential.

Going on this journey alone can be exhausting, overwhelming and daunting. Moving forward in a supportive group can transform this process into something beautiful.

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet yourself.

There’s so much to see.

Sing up today!

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