PowerBoxei Testimonial #8

I started my journey with a lot of questions and I was actually really confused about what to do next because I was never an entrepreneur before and I have not studied something in this direction. (Business or finances) Hokuma, helped me a lot with her friendly and intelligent personality. I got tools from her which will help me in any areas of life. Would I recommend Hokuma? Well, I think that’s obvious. Thank you Hokuma!

PowerBoxei Testimonial #7

Hokuma teaches you how to look at yourself and what it is you need to focus on the most. She allows you to look at yourself from a different point of view as if you are seeing yourself from the outside looking in, and seeing what really needs to be done. My biggest win is realizing I am actually going on the right path. I’ve been second-guessing myself for the past few months and working with her had made me feel more confident in my path and how I can get there.I would definitely recommend this program if you want to know what the proper steps are to reaching your next goal.

CEO, Camilla Luke LLC
PowerBoxei Testimonial #6

In only a few weeks, Hokuma helped me achieve what I couldn’t do this all last year: 

Focus on my own Voice and keep up with my action plan, despite all the other unsolicited advice around me. Her active listening throughout the process helped me gain clarity every time I felt lost. I love and recommend it 800%! 

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