If Failure was not an option, what
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The fast-paced nature of our lives makes it difficult to find time for healing. Our attentions are pulled in many directions, and social media comparisons increase pressures for external validation. Anxiety, depression, loneliness and addiction are on the rise, as people try to numb their discomfort for feeling inadequate.

Assuming that everything is a priority makes us stressed. Not being able to meet our needs, while fulfilling daily responsibilities, drains us of energy and health. This produces a social environment that breeds anger, hate and jealousy. It builds friction within, which is directed outwards and projected onto others. 

Lack of stability, of being grounded, of feeling that we have relationships built on trust, where we can be vulnerable and reveal our true selves, leaves us feeling confused and off-balance.

This lifestyle puts us in an emotional box, making us feel like there is a deadline for reaching success and happiness. These false stories disconnect us from our heart, preventing us from realizing that we are the ones who define our success. 

Without proper alignment between our thoughts, feelings and actions, we continue to feel broken and endlessly search for things outside of ourselves to comfort us.

That’s because long-term healing comes from within.

When we learn to rewrite our limiting stories, see the bigger picture, take ownership and responsibility for our lives, without outside influence, we become more gentle towards ourselves. This creates the right environment for growth. 

Learning to cultivate inner peace, and carving out space to recognize our thoughts and feelings, helps us notice our patterns.  This self-understanding makes us feel empowered. It also makes us more resilient to outside pressures and negative views. Once we learn to transcend our limitations, we transform our mind into a tool of great strength. It becomes our source of energy and inspiration, serving as our personal power box.

By connecting to our authenticity, we become more stable and grounded, and communicate in ways that express our real needs. This makes our relationships deeper and more compassionate, as we reclaim our power in creating personal happiness. 

We no longer search for answers in the outside. There are no gurus, or experts to look for, as we find our magic, and become alchemists of turning limitations to strengths with just imagination.  

If you want to reclaim the driver’s seat of your life and overcome those outdated beliefs, then I invite you to join the EMPOWER Program. In it, I help you navigate towards healing, and creating habits that support your growth, bringing you new opportunities.

Empower You

7 weeks Program

I started my journey with a lot of questions and I was actually really confused about what to do next because I was never an entrepreneur be

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Damian M.

Hokuma teaches you how to look at yourself and what it is you need to focus on the most. She allows you to look at yourself from a different

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PowerBoxei Testimonial #7
Camilla Luke
CEO, Camilla Luke LLC

Hokuma and her Power Box took me on a journey that I could never have done alone as an entrepreneur. The sessions re- moved mental barriers

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Keianna Dixon
MPH, Startup Founder and Entrepreneur

Hokuma accompanied several social entrepreneurs of the MakeSense incubator through individual coaching. I would highly recommend any organiz

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Caroline Delboy
HR Director at MakeSense

Loved the program, this was a good way to start the year 

With this program, I was able to reflect on what’s important in my life and how

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PowerBoxei Testimonial #2
Ana Martinez
Manager at a non-profit


It’s hard to say what my biggest win is because it’s just the beginning. 

Hokuma helped me think deeper into who I am and what I

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Elmir Valley
Owner and Photographer at Eos-Erebos

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