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Hello Beautiful, Welcome!

I’m so happy you found this page. It means you’re ready for change.

Maybe it’s because you’re tired of your daily routine. Or, because your heart knows you’re meant for more. Either way, the life you are leading now isn’t making you happy.

Does any of this sound familiar?

1) You’re filled with insecurity and need more self-love

Your mind is a pro at showing you why you’re not good enough. You’re constantly comparing yourself to others, and it is exhausting. You are afraid to speak your mind and share your needs.

2) You’re living in fear of disappointing others

You’re bending over backwards to please family and friends. You know you have weak boundaries because you keep saying yes and overcommitting. You don’t like confrontation and avoid important conversations.

3) You are uninspired by your current life and feel stuck

Your current job is unfulfilling, but you stay because it’s safe and pays the bills. Your life doesn’t feed your passions, so you distract yourself with eating, drinking, and more. Your routine is slowly draining you.

4) You have no clue how to get to your dream life

You know things need to change, but you don’t know where to start. Your existing life doesn’t reflect your full potential. You need to take a leap of faith, but lack a community to support you.

If you can relate to any of it, then I want you to know something: this list doesn’t reflect your true self or your core values.  

And whether you realize it or not, you ARE the most important person in your life. So, if you haven’t  prioritized your needs, and kept your dreams hidden, this is your call to action. 

It’s not your fault you experienced this, but it is your responsibility to change it. See, we’re not taught how to love ourselves. No one shows us how to listen to our body and overcome self-doubt. In fact, putting ourself first feels selfish, but it’s not. It’s the only thing that will help you feel better and inspire others to do the same. 

You are deserving of the best, and I will share the seven steps on how to get it. It’s time to mute the ego which tries to keep you safe and tells you to play small. It’s time to open your sails and taste all life has to offer. The time has come to DREAM BIG!

This won’t be possible without taking risks and breaking old habits. It might feel scary, but know that deep inside you there is a well of potential. Your heart is yearning for purpose, your body for confidence, and your mind for clarity. Seeking guidance from others will only stress you out, and waste your time. It’s because the truth is inside you, and you need to learn how to access it.


Let me share

My Story

Three years ago I was stuck where you are. Confused by life, unhappy with my job, and desperately seeking change. I just experienced a soul crushing breakup. My personal and professional life pained me, and I was unsure of what to do.

Growing up with lots of positivity, I was not prepared for this disaster. Despite being a Prom Queen in high school, with superlatives such as ‘The Best Smile’ and ‘Most Likely To Brighten Up Your Day’, I suddenly found myself buried deep in sadness and anxiety, with no one to truly understand me.

The shame and guilt was unbearable. I had to escape. So I quit my job and embarked on a spiritual journey. It led me to a remote town in Virginia to study yoga, then to Vancouver where I learned the art of coaching, and eventually brought me to Paris, where I immersed myself in entrepreneurship through a well-known incubator. My experience showed me that with the right tools and knowledge, you could change and thrive. 

I emerged from my ordeal stronger, happier, and more magnetic than ever. By aligning with my true self, I was able to direct my energy, time, and focus on things that mattered to me. 

Living this life of passion and clarity gave me purpose. Other opinions no longer threw me off balance or damaged my identity. Having found myself, I claimed my throne and took ownership of my self-worth. No longer seeking permission, validation and recognition in order to be loved and celebrated. 

Life is short, and time is of the essence. Until we learn how to find our truth and be yourself, we will keep suffering under the weight of other’s opinions and expectations. We will be prisoners of our mind, instead of commanders of our life and dreams!

The EMPOWER Method

To help you on this journey, I crafted a 7 step coaching process called EMPOWER. It makes this transformation effective and energizing.

It’s a custom framework designed to help you identify, visualize and live out your dreams. In seven weeks, you will uncover your core values, align to your authentic self, and live a life of meaning.

Each week we uncover a deeper layer of your being. As you harmonize your mind, body and spirit, you become an irresistible magnet for your dreams. The world picks up on your clear message and delivers you people, experiences and opportunities that align with your truth.

This is the seven-step journey that will give you a shortcut to unshakable belief in yourself, so you can achieve your goals. Here’s what you can expect:

Week 1

Express Your Vision

In this week we discover your North Star. This guiding light will illuminate your path to happiness. By understanding your core values, you will gain clarity on the intentions that are fueling your dreams and why this change is worth pursuing.

Together we will:
Organize and Categorize Your Priorities
Identify Your Purpose
Craft your ‘I AM’ statement
Declare the Vision

Week 2

Meditate on the Feelings

Life is a river that ebbs and flows. The ego avoids change, while the heart is on a constant pursuit of passion and aliveness. Staying focused requires a strong ‘WHY’, that will keep you committed to change and transformation, day in and day out.

Together we will:
Create a Value-Based Self-Image
Write a personal Hero’s Journey
Review what’s out of alignment
Commit to daily meditation

Week 3

Plan Your Moves

A mind in disarray is a recipe for disaster. When we don’t prioritize our time and energy, we become entangled in the commitments of others. Instead of living out our dreams, our schedule gets filled with activities that support the growth of others.

Together we will:
Complete the Goal Setting Worksheet
List potential outcomes with Tri-Position Planning
Establish a ‘Priority List’
Develop Milestones

Week 4

Organize Your Time

Each person is given 24 hours every day. Yet, some are able to use their time efficiently, while others watch it slip through their hands. Without a dedicated time slot for each activity, progress will be slow and inconsistent. Not for you!

Together we will:
Generate advise through the Mentor’s Table
Build commitment with Value Explorer Worksheet
Isolate dedicated pockets of time for work
Dedicate every day to change

Week 5

Write Your Message

Connection is built on communication. Without a proper message to capture, inform and motivate the people around you, achieving new outcomes will be slow and hard. Our motivation is fueled by internal desires, not external pressures. It’s time to discover yours!

Together we will:
 View the situation through the Logical Levels Framework
Speak words of wisdom through a ‘Motivational Letter’
Learn the skills of communication and listening
Clarify stakeholders and available resources 

Week 6

Engage Your Tribe

Community support, motivation and understanding are essential for consistent growth. Being part of a group that inspires and provides an opportunity for accountability, ensures that the work is done on time, and that consistent action is taken towards achieving your goals.

Together we will:
Reflect on ‘Why-What’ Where’
Reach out to the tribe
Co-create new opportunities
Provide a space for transformation

Week 7

Reflect on the Path

Consistent monitoring and evaluation are vital for development and growth. It creates efficiency and effectiveness. Having a bird’s eye view of your journey will ensure that all your dots are connected and that positive growth is inevitable.

Together we will:
Experience the Mastery Walk
Evaluate the Did Well/Even Better If Activity
Capture Strengths and Weakness
Apply lessons to new attempts  

This simple, yet powerful process will help introduce you to your self-worth, build self-confidence and give you unshakable clarity. It will make you a magnet for your dreams. It’s time!  


  • You are ready to feel worthy and know you deserve the best 
  • You want the freedom to express yourself
  • You know it’s time to spread your wings and feel abundant 
  • You crave to live with purpose and inspire others as well  
  • You wish to be your authenticity self and command your life 

Imagine how amazing this life experience could be!
Now realize, you don’t have to wish for your dream life, you can actually get to live them. 


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Time is of the Essence

Let’s do this!

Time is the only resource that you can never buy or create more of, but you can use it wisely and invest it into what makes you happy. If you are ready, then I invite you to join the EMPOWER Program.

Growth is more permanent and fun when done together. In fact, science shows that only 10% of people fulfill their goals when they have a vision and go it alone. However, a whopping 95% of people achieve their goals when immersed in a community, with consistent action and accountability.

If you are ready to claim your power and live with purpose, then now is the time to invest into your dreams and take aligned action. I’m here to support you and ensure that you succeed!


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