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What is Power Box?
Power Box is a science-based process that utilizes proven techniques to help you gain new perspectives on your goals. This shift will provide you with clarity, unleash your inner creativity, and help you move past obstacles, enabling you to achieve your set objectives! 
How does Power Box work?

The program is designed to be completed with the assistance of a coach. Weekly one-hour phone calls with the coach will give you a new understanding of yourself. Additional resources and materials will be provided to those who want to go deeper and do more work independently. These will include psychoanalytical tests, writing prompts, and videos.

What is Power Box’s secret sauce to success?
The secret sauce to success is YOU! Scientists, psychologists, philosophers, writers, yogis, therapists, and all successful business people all give the same advise – become self-aware! Without a clear guide and a roadmap, however, going within can be a very difficult thing. With the help of an expert coach, the latest scientific discoveries from neurology and psychology, and easy to apply tools, you will find your self and your life transformed. In a short 6 weeks, you will be in the driver’s seat of life, navigating to where YOU want to go! 
What can Power Box help me with?

Completing the Power Box process will give you a new perspective and insight on yourself, your skills, talents, and strengths. By centering and anchoring yourself in who you are, you will overcome limiting thoughts, mental blocks, and start feeling more confident and satisfied. The best part, the knowledge, and techniques will stay with you forever, so you can always come back to them when necessary, to recharge and refocus on your goals. 

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