Thank you so much for your interest in how to create your Dream Lifestyle experience. 

If you’re wondering, “What does ‘Dream Lifestyle’ mean?”, then let me explain:   

It means building and living a life that reflects your authentic self. Experiencing daily interactions that support your core values and dreams. It means leading a life of adventure that energizes and inspires you. Which is founded on the belief that we all deserve to feel that we are living out our life’s purpose, and making a difference.

If you want to see how this is possible for you, then click below to book a free 45 minute call with me to explore what it can look like for you. 

Thank you and look forward to speaking to you! 

If you have other questions, please feel free to e-mail me at: hokuma@powerboxei.com


Asked Questons

What is coaching?

Coaching is a process of guiding you through the maze of your thoughts and limiting beliefs, to get to the core of what truly matters. All our desires and wishes stem from unmet needs. To get to the heart of what our soul is calling for, we need help from experts who can ask good questions. The answers they help us obtain bring clarity around our subconscious wants.

How is this helpful?
Usually when we have problem we turn to people closest to us for advice. However, the people who know us well don’t always know what makes us truly happy. The interpersonal history and the emotional bonds create obstacles towards objective recommendations. The suggestions are filled with personal interests and views. A seasoned coach, who has learned and practice the art of holding neutral space where a discovery of deeper needs can be experienced. This will help you dive deeper and reach your goals quicker.
What can I expect to gain?
You will gain a new perspective of yourself. You deepen your understanding of self and notice which beliefs are holding you back. You will be inspired about the future and feel excited to start living the life you always wanted! You will tap into a source of unbelievable energy and motivation that will naturally pull you into the future you want. You will be part of a community that supports and understand you. Most importantly, you will be surrounded by inspiring individuals who are on the same journey as you!
Why is this necessary?
A confused mind does not make decisions. A comfort zone does not produce new and improved results. A lack of new habits will keep you stuck in the same place, growing your inner tension and resistance. Weak boundaries will keep you saying yes to things that don’t align to your highest self. A dream without a clear roadmap will stay on the back burner, wasting your precious time. 
Is this for me?
If you feel you are here for more than just working at a 9-5 job, pleasing others and never realizing your full potential. If you know that there is a well of potential, creativity and ideas inside you just waiting to be tapped into. If you dream of a life that is different from the one you are currently living. If you want to feel more joyful, energized, empowered and successful, then it means your soul wants you to take the next steps. If you no longer want to wait another year to live the life of your dreams, then I invite you to unlock your full potential by taking the next step and joining this community. See you at the next level of your growth.

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