5 Questions to Change Your Life: Start With Where Are You?


Written by Hokuma Karimova

On October 16, 2020

As humans, we have a tendency to avoid pain.

It’s natural. Survival contributes to our longevity, prolonged happiness, and the promise of new experiences.

There is a sense of something beautiful awaiting you in the future, so why would anyone want to miss on this opportunity?

Unfortunately, our current lifestyle has exhausted our nervous system. The need to survive has put us into an endless hamster wheel, that keeps the energies stuck in fight or flight mode.

While we wish for long life, it ends up being less enjoyable, more tumultuous and depressing.
Stress, burnout, anxiety, depression and countless other emotions are proof that our nervous system needs a break. Instead of us controlling our sensations, sensations are controlling us.

So, Step 1 comes into play.
Ask yourself: Where are you?
Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.

Thoughts — > Emotions

If you’re wondering about the mechanics of this process then read on.

You’ll see that our thoughts lay the foundation, a container of sorts, that determines how we process the incoming information from the world around us. These thoughts paint a mental story, which shapes how we feel. That’s how the energy around us gets imprinted with emotions, explaining the notion that “emotions are energy in motion”.

To be empowered by our emotions we need to manage our thoughts. This is influenced by how we communicate with ourselves and others. The reasoning is how we explain the interconnection of what we see. How we string this logic influences how we approach life.

Honestly reflect on how you feel, think, and operate at this moment.

Here are questions to reflect on:
– What makes me feel inadequate?
– What is my self-doubt tied to?
– Why do I feel restless?

Poor Communication

This is where we run into problems.

Each individual sees life from a different angle. Our varying views and perceptions are healthy, normal, and most importantly, wonderful!

Diversity makes life around richer, more vibrant, and fun. Just take a look at nature. Not only is it a master at creating diverse ecosystems, it also knows how to keeps things in constant motion with the changing seasons.

Sadly, when our feelings are unbalanced, we get super sensitive, which shortens the fuse of patience. It impacts our ability to listen and understand without judgement. Through good communication, and a willingness to bridge any gaps, we can find solutions.

Without this, problems are usually avoided, denied, and the pent up pressure leads to tension.
You can spot the parts of your identity that need healing by seeing where you carry sensitivity.

Life areas to look at:
*recurring fears
*things you avoid
*mental chatter
*areas that feel stuck

What can we do?

Finding a way to create space for compassionate acceptance is vital.
Also, it’s essential to highlight that acceptance does not mean agreement. It just means that all views and feelings are valid, without needing to be changed or twisted to fit some standard.

Especially, if the views under question do not harm or belittle anyone else.

Developing tools that help us create and facilitate such spaces are life changing.
Not just for ourselves, but for the people around us.

If you feel called to transform your approach to how you process your thoughts and emotions, then don’t miss out on the Doorway To Knowing Yourself free mini-course. You will receive frameworks, strategies and tools to up-level your life with simple, but powerful steps.

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    Those are great questions that we should ask ourselves on a consistent basis. Looking forward to this challenge.


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