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When I was a little girl, I believed that love was the greatest and most important power in the universe. But, it wasn’t until I had my first deep heartbreak, which left my body shaking and my mind in turmoil, that I realized – not all love is created equal.

Stuck with these heavy emotions, I felt that I was a failure as a person and a lover. That no amount of support and care from family and friends could help me feel enough. It seemed that this experience was a reflection of my own lack of worth. This flood of never ending thoughts, of being unlovable, filled me with anxiety and depression, pushing me to isolation. 

It wasn’t until I took time off work, enrolled in a yoga school, and received coaching, did I figure out the intricacies of our mind, and finally saw my own limiting beliefs. I found out that early childhood stories, the striving for perfection, and the desire to be seen, stemmed from an unrealistic need for external approval. This was the root cause of my problems. 

Diving deeper into my own core values, crafting a self-image that reflected my true identity, and setting goals/plans that aligned with my authenticity, helped me heal and move on. It was then that I realized that my past relationship was not in alignment with who I am, and therefore, had it continued, it would not have fulfilled me. I would still be unhappy. 

Following my own journey, I wanted to help others to heal and find their own meaning in life. Helping millennial women find their authentic self, rebuild their self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth, became my passion. I wanted to help other women lead lives that reflected them. With this intention, I became a certified life coach, so that I could share with others the tools for cultivating happiness, from the inside out. 

Being real, speaking your truth, and boldly going after your dreams is what makes life worth living. Now, scientists say that we only have 10 years to change our behavior to preserve the health of the planet. In order to help nourish educated, aware and healed leaders to address our environmental catastrophe, we need people who are passionate and willing to take action. To take action we first need to heal ourselves, and show others the path of how to build a better world.

My Journey of self

A Doorway to

Knowing Yourself

I started my journey with a lot of questions and I was actually really confused about what to do next because I was never an entrepreneur be

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PowerBoxei Testimonial #8
Damian M.

Hokuma teaches you how to look at yourself and what it is you need to focus on the most. She allows you to look at yourself from a different

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PowerBoxei Testimonial #7
Camilla Luke
CEO, Camilla Luke LLC

Hokuma and her Power Box took me on a journey that I could never have done alone as an entrepreneur. The sessions re- moved mental barriers

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PowerBoxei Testimonial #4
Keianna Dixon
MPH, Startup Founder and Entrepreneur

Hokuma accompanied several social entrepreneurs of the MakeSense incubator through individual coaching. I would highly recommend any organiz

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PowerBoxei Testimonial #3
Caroline Delboy
HR Director at MakeSense

Loved the program, this was a good way to start the year 

With this program, I was able to reflect on what’s important in my life and how

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PowerBoxei Testimonial #2
Ana Martinez
Manager at a non-profit


It’s hard to say what my biggest win is because it’s just the beginning. 

Hokuma helped me think deeper into who I am and what I

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Powerboxei Testimonial #1
Elmir Valley
Owner and Photographer at Eos-Erebos


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