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Life doesn’t come with a manual guide, it’s different for each person. Through years of scientific study and research, I discovered that those

 who take ownership of their emotions and actions lead their most fulfilling lives. Power Box is designed to help you the life you always wanted. 

Through personal self-awareness and emotional intelligence, you can overcome challenges 

and face changes with resilience. Ready to tap into your power? 

I can show you how!

The Three Steps To Self fulfillment for every human Being!

Finding Your Way

The first step to lasting change is understanding why change is necessary. As creatures of comfort and habit, we do our best to stick to what we know. Unless we see a real value in doing something new we won’t risk taking a chance to explore other possibilities. If you are tired of your current situation, let’s explore why.


The highest level of personal development, identified by the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, is self-actualization. In order to get there, one must first become aware that climbing the pyramid requires work. Yet, the path and the pace of the climb is different for each person. Let’s see what is the best way for you.


We are the sum of our experiences, interactions, and interests. On a day to day basis, the world we know is changing. The only thing under your control is yourself. Once you find why certain things motivate you, and how they make you feel, you will craft a lifestyle that will enable you to experience them daily and live happily.

Don't fall into the trap of overthinking

"Any man who reads too much and uses  his own brain too little  falls into lazy habits of thinking."

Who Am I ?

My name is Hokuma, and my name means power.

I am a certified Life Coach and Yoga Instructor. My mission is to help millennials overcome limiting thoughts and build the life they always wanted. After overcoming my own obstacles, I discovered a way for others to do the same, in less time!

To learn more about these scientifically proven steps, recommendations and how to set successful goals check out my masterclass in the link below.

What My Clients Say

Elmir Valley
Hokuma helped me think deeper into who I am and what I want. Making me say things out loud that I normally just thought of. I find hearing yourself say your deep thoughts out loud very therapeutic. I am much more honest with myself now. With Hokuma’s help I know how to make myself work better and be more efficient with my time. I’m making a lot more progress in accomplishing my goals than I did before. Thank you so much!
Owner and Photographer at Eos-Erebos
Ana Martinez
Loved the program, this was a good way to start the year. With this program, I was able to reflect on what’s important in my life and how I can create better balance within my work and personal life. I also was able think through where I want to be in the next few years and the steps I need to take to get there. Hokuma is a good listener and I would recommend her as a coach!
Manager at a non-profit.
Caroline Delboy
Hokuma accompanied several social entrepreneurs of the MakeSense incubator through individual coaching. I would highly recommend any organization to offer this kind of personal development experience as it allows them to be much more confident and engaged in their projects. Hokuma's energy, professionalism and ability to adapt to her audience made this experience very valuable for people to better know themselves, connect with their core values and be more aligned in their life and personal development at work.
HR Director at MakeSense
My sessions with Hokuma made me realize my potential and my inner energy. She guided me throughout the sessions and gave me the chance to find out things I never knew about my self: I found out that I don’t need a nationality to chase my dreams and succeed, but more importantly I found out that I was and am really happy despite the many circumstances and tough challenges surrounding me in a big city like Paris.
Founder and President of Réseau des Exilés en France.
Camilla Luke
Hokuma teaches you how to look at yourself and what it is you need to focus on the most. She allows you to look at yourself from a different point of view, as if you are seeing yourself from the outside looking in, and seeing what really needs to be done. My biggest win is realizing I am actually going on the right path. I've been second guessing myself for the past few months and working with her had made me feel more confident in my path and how I can get there. I would definitely recommend this program if you want to know what the proper steps are to reaching your next goal.
CEO, Camilla Luke LLC
Damian Manu
I started my journey with a lot of questions and I was actually really confused what to do next, because I was never an entrepreneur before and I have not studied something in this direction. Business or finance. Anyway, Hokuma helped me a lot with her friendly and intelligent personality. I got tools from her which will help me in any area of life. Would I recommend Power Box? Well I think that’s obvious.
Coach for Executives
Adriana Bito
In only a few weeks, Hokuma helped me achieve what I couldn’t do this all past year: Focus on my own Voice and keep up with my action plan, despite all the other unsolicited advice around me. Her active listening throughout the process helped me gain clarity every time I felt lost. I love and recommend it 800% !
Peace Engineer and Founder of H O N E S T Y en-honesty.strikingly.com
Keianna Dixon
Hokuma and her Power Box took me on a journey that I could never have done alone as an entrepreneur. The sessions removed mental barriers to success. Furthermore, Hokuma provided the decision-making tools needed to reach that next career goal. After deliberating for months, I made a critical decision to rebrand and promote my services. Don’t miss this opportunity to work with her!
MPH, Startup Founder and Entrepreneur
Elizabeth Fischer
I found my strength and my courage .... my inner Super Hero - my authentic and organic voice that knows me! This journey with Hokuma took me from a place where the noise and Debbie doubters ran supreme to the inner sanctuary of confidence and peace in my vision and my plan. Challenges exist and will continue to exist, but this journey provided the stability I needed to listen and trust me. The one-on-one interaction and questions Hokuma used helped me find ways to tackle the smallest to largest stumbling blocks by taking the time to be present, to self-reflect and to take action.
Founder, Changing the Convo Coalition
Teymur Magaramov
Hokuma is an awesome coach. After 3-4 sessions with Hokuma I discovered a lot of things that I needed to work on and realized that I don’t have many obstacles to achieve my goals. She also helped me understand my core values, which is a necessary first step in order to ensure that any change I make in my career, personal life, etc. will actually bring me satisfaction in my life. I’m definitely on the right path. If asked to recommend a life coach it would be Hokuma, without a doubt.
Night Manager at JW Marriott Baku

Pricing Plans

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You are on your way to becoming your best self. 

By understanding your core drives you will be tapping into your authentic power. This will provide you with magnetic energy, deep clarity, effortless motivation and unimaginable productivity, both in your personal and professional life. 

I can’t wait to welcome you to the group and guide you through this empowering journey. 

Ready? Let’s get started! 






$ 2500

  • 5 weeks Coaching
  • Get clear on your goals
  • Improve productivity
  • Increase motivation
  • Align with your core value​
  • Step-by-step guidance
  • Hands on support


$ 5000

  • 10 weeks coaching
  • All mindset coaching +
  • Identify your strength
  • Maximize your output
  • Master prioritazation
  • Do more with less stress
  • Build a strong foundation

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